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Preventive Healthcare 101

Some chronic diseases can be prevented. Others cannot be prevented, but we can reduce their impact. Preventive healthcare or preventive medicine focuses on keeping people healthy and minimizing disease. It focuses on healthy lifestyles, regular medical check-ups and health screening tests that check for disease.

In this course you will learn about preventive healthcare, staying healthy and risk factors that may cause disease. You will also learn how to encourage clients to form healthy habits and avoid habits that may be harmful. Client stories and videos with “quiz” questions will help you apply what you learn.

Why do you need to understand preventive healthcare?

Preventive healthcare is important because it save lives. It also saves money and reduces suffering. When diseases are found early, they are easier to treat and manage. Without preventive healthcare, people may suffer longer with a disease, go through more difficult treatment or have a lower chance of survival.

If you understand preventive healthcare, you can help prevent disease. First, you can help people understand risk factors for disease and encourage them to live healthy lifestyles. Second, you can help people access healthcare and understand why it is important to get regular check-ups and screening tests.

Let’s see what you will learn in this course. >>>

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