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Module 1: Healthcare Systems

Types of Patient Care

There are several different types of care for patients, depending on their need. Types of patient care are listed below. Click on the type of care to see a description.

In the news...Can't find a doctor? You're not alone.

Although we are supposed to see our primary care doctor for general health problems, one article points out that it can be difficult to get an appointment with or even find a primary care provider. Here are some stats:

  • In 2007, 29% of people had trouble finding a doctor who would take Medicare
  • Only 30% of Americans can get in to see their doctor on the same day
  • 24 counties in Texas do not have any primary care doctors
  • In California, 50% of emergency department patients thought their problem could have been handled by their doctor, but two-thirds of these people could not get an appointment

The reason is not because of too few doctors, but because primary care doctors make about half as much specialists. Also, Medicare pays less than private insurance.

Now that you know about types of care, let's look at health insurance. >>>

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